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I'm currently working with people from: Nike, ASML, Philips, Rabobank, ABN AMBRO and many more great companies!

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Here are some of the reviews I received:

"I enrolled in the Level 1 Improv course with Laurens. At first I thought that being only 6 people in the class is a bad sign, but then i realized that the less we are, the more personalized the approach.
Laurens, our coach and coordinator had a massive contribution to our success on stage. Personalized approach, 1-on-1 feedback and creative games were shining light on our blindspots, helping us improve week after week. I am a convinced promoter of Improv, not only for the fun of it, but also because i see how it improved my public speaking abilities, my stance on stage, increasing my spontaneity and wittyness. Would totally recommend it." Daniel, Nike HQ

Improv was something I always wanted to try, and now I got an amazing chance to get a glimpse into it thanks to Laurens and his 7 week long workshop. Meeting the same group of people for several weeks is a great environment to experience your boundaries and try to overcome them. It is also a super interesting self discovery, when you see your patterns and behaviour as you have never seen them before.But above all, improv is FUN, the most liberating way to laugh and being laughed at.
Laurens guided our little group through the basics of improv with a nicely built up sequence, which fit perfectly with our growing confidence on stage. He was encouraging but never forcing. The chance of performing in front of a big audience - even though it was the scariest thing at first - gave the perfect closure to the course, and definitely proved to be addictive: I want to do it again!                                                                                               Bori, MSC

"I followed Laurens's course on Introduction to Improv. By following his course, not only did my improv skills improve tremendously, but my confidence also grew leaps and bounds. He is mindful of balancing constructive feedback with lots of positive feedback, and is very aware of each individual's needs."                                      Lara, ASML

"When starting the course I didn't quite knew what to expect. I read some good reviews from a previous class Laurens gave on Body language which drew my attention. I registered for the class because I believe you just have to try something new every now and then. The teacher Laurens provides the class with a variety of Improvisation games. He's patient, enthausiastic and creates a very pleasant atmosphere in which he gives the class.
I'm happy I took the Improv course and I benefited fro it in several ways in which:
-You carefully have to listen to your partner before you can respond. Often people are thinking how to reply while the other is still talking.. One can't do that in Improv
-You learn and practice to think fast and on the spot.
-You trigger the right (creative) side of the brain.
-You step out of your comfort zone, which is often the place where you learn most.
-You get to meet new people.
-Weekly scheduled meeting of a fun time and good laughs."                                                                                  Aaron, BSC-student Fontys

"I found your class very nice. For me it was a very nice break from my every day life. As a teacher you have the ability to make the other person feel at ease.
It was very nice that you provided us feedback after each exercise we did. And I find your way of communication nice and kind, I never felt pressure or disapprovement but the feeling that I can be better and better. So I think the way you interact is very nice. I would like to thank you for this step you took to start the class!"                          Pela, Philips